Philip D Hawkins FGRA

Railway Painting Commissions

Commission a painting by Philip D Hawkins FGRA

Much of the artists' work is commissioned by private individuals and businesses. A brief can come in all shapes and sizes from a vague idea to the most involved specification. Private commissions tend to be of a nostalgic nature, recreating a fond railway memory of a particular locomotive, train, location, occasion or a combination of all of these.
Philip will advise and provide help regarding reference in order to recreate your fondest railway memories. Sometimes a drawing will be created that assists both artist and client in the development of the commissioned work of art.

Quite often the artist/client discussion about a commissioned work is a most rewarding and enjoyable process with each party discovering more of the others ideas culminating in a unique work of art.

Creating such a work of art takes time, so please bear this in mind when contemplating a commission - Be patient!

Preparation sketches for 'Evening Standard'

Initial sketch

Three-quarter view sketch created for 'Evening Standard'

Second sketch

Second sketch ~alternative view

"These drawings were useful in discussing viewpoints, angles and compositions, allowing a more meaningful exchange of views to ensure that both the client and I understand exactly what we have in mind."
Philip D. Hawkins

Below ~ Stages in the creation of 'Sunlight, Steam & Snow Hill'

Painting commission - step 1
Painting commission - step 2
Painting commission - step 3
Painting commission - step 4
Painting commission - step 5
Painting commission - step 6

Painting: Sunlight and Steam at Snow Hill